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Practising Yoga with Dress

“ Restar Employee Wellbeing is a formidable employee wellness and wellbeing programme and very much needed in today's climate whether you are WFH or in an office. I had a lunchtime session of yoga and meditation and I felt reenergised and relaxed afterwards and was able to focus much better on my work tasks.
The instructors are personable and professional. Highly recommend to everyone. An absolute must.”

— Maria S,

VP, Global Product Marketing @ Selligent Marketing Cloud

Meditation Class

“Really enjoyed our lunchtime Restar session. I especially liked it, because it was during our lunchtime and I thought it was just the right length - 35 minutes, so I also had time for my lunch afterwards. I went back to work feeling positive, focused and energised. I would definitely recommend to companies for their employees.”

— De Mo, @ Account Manager

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