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Full day workshop

How to manage stress effectively? 

  • This course is designed to raise awareness in employees about what stress is, how to recognise it and how to manage it effectively.Few topics will be covered:

  • What is stress? 

  • What are the signs? 

  • Stress management tools and techniques 

  • Stress relieving activities

Full day workshop

Gain focus through mindfulness & meditation

  • Feel more relaxed, peaceful and centred

  • Be clear about your choices and steps​

  • Have more energy, youth and health

  • Become more connected with yourself and others

  • Be free of anxiety, fear, panic, worry

  • Sleep easier, deeper and feel more rested.

Full day workshop

Qigong for corporates

  • The essence of Qigong - to create better health & longevity & increase your energy 

  • Resolve blockages in the body using releasing techniques, to let go of negative & stagnant Qi (energy)

  • Gentle movements that help to move blood & oxygen around the body, nourishing the organs & tissues promoting healing. 

  • Due to the connection of the mind to the breath & physical movements, Qigong helps to calm the mind, relieving emotional stress & mental anxiety.

Full day workshop

Mental health for managers

  • ​Causes, signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression

  • Culture factor, promoting openness, listening & trust

  • Getting comfortable with mental health conversations

  • Offering appropriate first-line support in the workplace

  • Tackling stigmas and unconscious bias.

  • Taking care of your own mental wellbeing so you can support others.

Full day workshop

Stress-free working and living


  • ​​You'll learn simple and fast to implement actions to enhance the quality of your life

  • You'll understand how to counteract any stress response to keep calm and confident

  • You'll create a simple routine to ensure you stay in optimal good mental health 

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Half day workshop

Compassion focused mindfulness for stress reduction 

  • You'll have the opportunity to explore a repertoire of compassion focused meditation practices

  • You'll learn from your own experience and from others and increase your connection with self and with others.

  • Each session is personalized to address your own specific needs

  • Benefits include lower stress levels, better mental health, easier relaxation, better sleep, better mood

  • Further benefits include better physical health, boosting immunity, improves concentration and focus,  better confidence and self esteem, increased resilience,  strengthening ability to regulate emotions

  • Ideal session for practised meditators, new meditators and those who have struggled with meditation.
Full day workshop

 Change your breath and improve your wellbeing

  • We are going to analyse your breathing habits, find out your dysfunctional breathing habits and help you breathe healthier so that you can perform better.

You will learn:

  • what dysfunctional breathing habits are

  • their triggers, history and motivation

  • methods and tools to start learning new, functional breathing habits

  • how to do a breathing session on your own

  • the meaning behind breathing habits and how they affect our lives.

Full day workshop

Tai Chi for corporates

  • Improve balance & weight distribution, to prevent falls & accidents

  • Become more centred, create calm & have better posture

  • Understand how energy goes up & comes down - managing moods

  • How to understand how you spend your energy - what you keep and what you give away

  • A standing position that helps improve your immune system, circulation, strength & energy flow &helps you stand your ground & build resilience.

Full day workshop

Reduce stress dramatically through compassion-focused healing 

  • Learn an innovative compassion focused practice which is easy to do with multiple benefits.

  • Each session is personalised to individuals own needs.

  • Benefits include activating your deep relaxation response and so releasing stress easily.

  • Alleviating physical pain

  • Clearing negativity and self-doubt locked in the subconscious mind

  • Promotes restful sleep

  • Boost mental health including reducing depression and anxiety.

  • Can even prevent or reduce dementia

  • Promotes happiness and general sense of well-being

What people say



I feel balanced, energized as well as more grounded. Nevsah is an incredibly gifted teacher who delivers powerful self mastery tools and provides a safe space for growth and transformation.



Nevsah is truly the leader of the Golden Age. She is also the only person I know who combines science and real spiritual studies together, creating a powerful curriculum.



 I was delighted to be able to experience Nevsah’s workshops. The whole experience was incredible!

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